Our Services

We ensure that your waste oil collection is dealt with efficiently, legally and in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Waste Oil Collection

We collect your waste oil safely and efficiently.

Legal Requirements

We take care of the admin and paperwork.

Oil Recycling

A facility refines and recycles the waste oil.

Renewable Biodiesel

Biofuel is created and used for transport.

Collection of used frying fats and oils

Free Services
Automatic collection frequencies
We will be there within 48 hours
We pay you for your used frying fats and oils and guarantee the highest price on the market (cash or transfer)
Collection on demand is available if required

We take care of the admin

Waste Transfer Notes provided for each collection
We are fully insured and accredited
We make sure you do not incur any fines
We ensure full traceability – ISCC registered
You can ask for environmental certificates and collection histories at any time
No worries, no charge: we come automatically

Recycling waste oil

Responsible disposal
We take your used oil to our recycling facility
 The oil is refined into usable resources
Bi-product is used to create energy
Creates a renewable and sustainable source of biofuel.

Renewable Biodiesel is produced

Biodiesel delivers 88% carbon savings compared to fossil diesel
The Government estimates we produce 250 million litres of cooking oil every year in the UK. Which is enough to fuel 330,000 average-sized cars.
Making biodiesel from UCO is 46% more economic thanmaking it from virgin crops.


How cooking oil is recycled

What do we do with the waste cooking oil we collect?

All oil collected is recycled into renewable, low carbon biodiesel to reduce its carbon footprint and be reused in the transport industry for logistic purposes.

Used cooking oil is the best possible feedstock for biodiesel production. Creating biodiesel from something that would otherwise go to waste, makes it one of the greenest possible alternatives to fossil fuels.